best Italian wine of the month selections

january 2020
Fattoria Selvapiana, “Villa Petrognano” Pomino Rosso 2013 (about $22)
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December 2019
Albino Armani, 1607 Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG NV (about $18)
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november 2019
Tenute Rubino, “Oltremé” Susumaniello Salento IGT 2013 (about $14)
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september 2019
Masi, “Campofiorin” Rosso Veronese IGT 2015 (about $17)
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august 2019
Le Macchiole, “Paleo Rosso” Toscana IGT 2013 (about $92)
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june 2019
COS, Cerasuolo Di Vittoria Classico 2015 (about $30)
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april 2019
D’Angelo, "Canneto” Aglianico del Vulture 2013 (about $25)
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march 2019
Sella and Mosca, Cannonau di Sardegna Riserva 2015 (about $15)
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february 2019
Castello di Volpaia, Chianti Classico Riserva 2015 (about $36)
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january 2019
Scacciadiavoli, Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG 2011 (about $36)
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december 2018
Avignonesi, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2014 (about $27)
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november 2018
Elena Walch, Gewürztraminer Alto Adige DOC 2017 (about $19)
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september 2018
Cantina Sociale Cooperativa, “Copertino” Riserva 2008 (about $14)
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august 2018
Banfi, Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG 2012 (about $21)
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July 2018
Ottella, “Le Creete” Lugana 2015 (about $22)
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June 2018
Firriato, “Ribeca” Perricone 2012 (about $34)
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april 2018
Famiglia Cotarella, “Sodale” Merlot Lazio 2015 (about $21)
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march 2018
Nino Negri, Inferno Valtellina Superiore 2011 (about $23)
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february 2018
Tenuta Sette Ponti, "Crognolo" 2015 (about $28
) view review

january 2018
Col d'Orcia, Brunello di Montalcino 2010 (about $48)
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december 2017
Le Casematte, Faro 2014 (about $34)
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november 2017
Di Majo Norante, "Don Luigi" Riserva Molise DOC 2011 (about $33)
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october 2017
Cantina Albea, "Sol" Primitivo Puglia IGT 2014 (about $28)
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september 2017
Kuenhof, Sudtirol Eisacktaler Sylvaner DOC 2013 (about $28) view review

july 2017
Cantine Ferrari, “Perlé” TrentoDOC 2007 (about $38)
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june 2017
Ippolito, “Ripe del Falco” Cirò Rosso Riserva DOC 2002 (about $39)
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april 2017
Les Cretes, Petite Arvine Valle d’Aosta 2015 (about $24) view review

march 2017
Tenuta di Capezzana, “Villa di Capezzana” Carmignano DOCG 2010 (about $26) view review

february 2017
Duca di Salaparuta, “Passo delle Mule” Nero d’Avola 2011 (about $19) view review

January 2017
Accordini Igino, Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore 2009 (about $25) view review

november 2016
Ricossa, Piemonte Barbera Appassimento 2014 (about $24) view review

october 2016
Two Bold Red Wines From the Veneto
Zenato, “Alanera” Rosso Veronese 2012 (about $18)
view review
Cesari, Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico 2012 (about $40) view review

september 2016
Rosato Wines from Southern Italy for Late-Summer Sipping
Paolo Cali, “Osa!” Frappato Rosato Sicilia Terre Siciliane IGT 2014 (about $16)
view review
San Salvatore, “Vetere” Aglianico Rosato Paestum IGT 2015 (about $24) view review

july 2016
Two Fascinating Red Wines from Umbria
Decugnano dei Barbi, “Villa Barbi” Umbria Rosso 2012 (about $18) view review
Tenuta Castelbuono, Montefalco Sagrantino 2007 (about $36)view Review

june 2016
Modern Wines from Historic Tuscan Estates
Avignonesi, “Cantaloro” Toscana IGT 2013 (about $12) view review
Mazzei, “Ser Lapo” Chianti Classico Riserva 2011 (about $25) view review

march 2016
A Duet of Seductive Red Wines from Sicily's Mount Etna
Cottanera, “Barbazzale” Etna Rosso 2013 (about $18) view review
Bonaccorsi, “ValCeresa” Etna Rosso 2008 (about $28) view review

february 2016
Intriguing Italian Wines From Off the Beaten Track
Statti, Gaglioppo, 2014 (about $15) view review>
Marotti Campi, “Orgiolo” Lacrima di Morro d’Alba Superiore DOC 2011 (about $22) view review

december 2015
Wines From Umbria Perfect for Any and Every Holiday Event >
Falesco, Vitiano Red Blend 2013 (about $11) view review
Villa Mongalli, Sagrantino di Montefalco della Cima 2006 (about $44) view review

november 2015
Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Wines Offer Much More than Just a Bargain Price
Farnese Fantini, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2012 (about $12) view review
La Valentina, “Spelt” Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Riserva 2011 (about $21) view review

september 2015
Two Engaging Red Wines From Sicily That Showcase the Region's Diverse Range of Wines
Morgante, Nero d’Avola Sicilia 2012 (about $16) view review
I Custodi, “Aetneus” Etna Rosso 2007 (about $36) view review

august 2015
For Those Who Like Big Red Italian Wines Any Time of Year
Leone De Castris, “Maiana” Salice Salentino Rosso 2013 (about $14) view review
Giacomo Grimaldi, “Le Coste” Barolo 2007 (about $57) view review

june 2015
Rare and Familiar White Wines From the Veneto Region to Enhance Summer Festivities
Pra, “Otto” Soave Classico 2013 (about $17) view review
Zymè, “From Black to White” IGP Veneto Bianco 2013 (about $26) view review

May 2015
Big Italian Red Wines to Help Kickoff the Barbeque Season
Masseria Cicella, Primitivo Salento IGT 2011 (about $16) view review
Moschioni, Rosso Moschioni 2010 (about $24) view review

april 2015
The Cherry Blossoms Are in Full Bloom - Time to Celebrate Spring With Italian White Wines
Talamonti, “Trabocchetto” Pecorino Colline Pescaresi IGT 2013 (about $15) view review
Giacomo Fenocchio, Roero Arneis DOCG 2013 (about $23) view review

march 2015
Two Hearty Italian Red Wines to Help Get You Through March's Chilly End-of-Winter Days
Cantina Zaccagnini, “Tralcetto” Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC 2011 (about $13) view review
San Cassiano, Valpolicella Superiore 2009 (about $35) view review

january 2015
Two Fine Italian Wines to Start Off the New Year 2015
Tenuta Sant’Antonio, “Scaia” Corvina Rosso 2011 (about $12)view review
Garofoli, “Grosso Agontano” Rosso Conero DOCG Riserva 2008 (about $27) view review

december 2014
Tidings of Comfort and Joy: Two Fine Italian Wines for the Gift-giving Holiday Season
G. D. Vajra, Langhe DOC Rosso 2010 (about $16) view review
Poderi Luigi Einaudi, “Terlo” Barolo DOCG 2007 (about $65) view review

november 2014
Two Warm Italian Red Wines to Help Allay the Chill of Winter's Approach
Odoardi, Savuto DOC Rosso 2012 (about $14) view review
Igino Accordini, “Le Bessole” Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG 2007 (about $38) view review

september 2014
Two Great Italian Wines to Complement the "Shoulder Season" Between Summer and Fall
Giacomo Grimaldi, Dolcetto d’Alba 2011 (about $15) view review
I Custodi, “Alnus” Etna Rosato 2012 (about $22) view review

august 2014
Two Enjoyable Italian Red Wines to Help Ward Off Those End-of-Summer Blues
Rocca delle Macie, “Sasyr” Toscana IGT 2010 (about $13) view review
Decugnano dei Barbi, “Il Rosso” Umbria Rosso IGT 2008 (about $27) view review

july 2014
Two Big, Rich, Food-friendly Red Wines from Central Italy
Cantina Frentana, “Rubesto” Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Riserva 2010 (about $15) view review
Castello Banfi, “Belnero” Proprietor's Reserve 2009 (about $21) view review

june 2014
Two Winning White Wines From the Peak of Italy
Colterenzio, “Altkirch” Chardonnay 2011 (about $17) view review
Jermann, “Vintage Tunina” Venezia Giulia IGT 2010 (about $62)view review

may 2014
Delightful Italian Wines for May 2014
Carminucci, “Naumachos” Rosso Piceno Superiore 2009 (about $17) view review
Maculan, “Dindarello” Veneto Moscato IGT 2010 (about $21 for 375 ml bottle) view review

April 2014
Banfi, “Principessa Gavia” Gavi DOCG 2012 (about $13) view review
Brovia, “Sori del Drago” Barbera d’Alba 2011 (about $27) view review

March 2014
Sella and Mosca, Cannonau di Sardegna Riserva 2008 (about $14) view review
Foradori, Teroldego Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT 2011 (about $25) view review

february 2014
Il Molino di Grace, “Il Volano” Toscano Rosso IGT 2008 (about $14) view review
Giovanni Rocca, “Bricco Ravera” Barolo 2007 (about $35) view review

january 2014
D’Angelo, Aglianico del Vulture DOC 2010 (about $16) view review
Occhipinti, “SP 68” Terre Siciliane IGT 2012 (about $28) view review

november 2013
Donnafugata, “Anthilia” Sicilia Bianco 2011 (about $15)view review
Giacomo Bologna Braida, “Bricco dell'Uccellone” Barbera d'Asti DOCG 2009 (about $60) view review

october 2013
Tenuta San Leonardo, “Terre di San Leonardo” Vigneti delle Dolomiti Rosso IGT 2008 (about $19) view review
Agricola Punica, “Montessu” Isola dei Nuraghi 2010 (about $28) view review

august 2013
Tenuta Regaleali, “Leone d’Almerita” Terre Siciliane IGT 2012 (about $18) view review
Abbazia di Novacella, “Praepositus” Kerner 2011 (about $28) view review

July 2013
Talamonti, “Tre Saggi” Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC 2008 (about $16) view review
La Giaretta, Amarone della Valpolicella DOC 2009 (about $38) view review

May 2013
Conte Brandolini d’Adda, “Vistorta” Merlot 2006 (about $22)view review
Falesco, “Montiano” Rosso Lazio IGT 2001 (about $48) view review

April 2013
Botromagno, Nero di Troia 2008 (about $17) view review
Calabretta, Etna Rosso 2002 (about $27) view review

March 2013
Corte Sant’Alda, “Ca’ Fiui” Valpolicella 2008 (about $22) view review
Tenuta Villa Crespia, “Novalia” Brut Franciacorta NV (about $30)view review

january 2013
Fontanafredda, “Briccotondo” Barbera Piemonte 2010 (about $14) view review
Antonelli, “Contrario” Umbria IGT 2008 (about $26) view review

december 2012
Tasca d’Almerita, “Lamuri” Nero d’Avola Sicily 2009 (about $15)view review
Marcarini, “La Serra” Barolo 2005 (about $48) view review

October 2012
Saladini Pilastri, Rosso Piceno 2010 (about $10) view review
Tua Rita, “Perlato del Bosco” Rosso Toscana 2009 (about $30)view review

september 2012
Cantina Novelli, Trebbiano Spoletino Umbria 2008 (about $14) view review
Tormaresca, “Bocca di Lupo” Castel del Monte Aglianico 2006 (about $30) view review

july 2012
Cusumano, “Benuara” Sicilia 2009 (about $17) view review
La Querciolina, “Istriciaia” Maremma Toscana IGT 2007 (about $30) view review

june 2012
Santadi, “Villa Solais” Vermentino di Sardegna 2009 (about $13) view review
Mastroberardino, Taurasi “Radici” 2006 (about $52) view review

april 2012
Arnaldo-Caprai, Montefalco Rosso 2007 (about $24) view review
Fattoria La Lecciaia, Brunello di Montalcino 2004 (about $40) view review

march 2012
Fatalone, Gioia del Colle DOC Primitivo 2007 (about $17) view review
Pelissero, Langhe Nebbiolo 2008 (about $26) view review

January 2012
I Sassi, Basilicata Aglianico del Vulture 2007 (about $12)view review
Planeta, Passito di Noto 2008 (about $39)view review

november 2011
Tormaresca, “Neprica” 2009 (about $12)view review
Castello dei Rampolla, “Sammarco” Toscana 2006 (about $65)view review

october 2011
Tenuta Le Querce, “Il Viola” Aglianico del Vulture 2006 (about $20)view review
Rocca delle Macie, “Roccato” Toscana IGT 2003 (about $52)view review

august 2011
Nino Franco, “Rustico” Prosecco NV (about $17) view review
Castello Banfi, “Summus” 2006 (about $65) view review

june 2011
Falesco, Merlot Umbria 2009 (about $16) view review
Cantina di Santadi, “Shardana” 2005 (about $35) view review

may 2011
Massolino, Dolcetto d’Alba 2009 (about $21) view review
Poggio al Tesoro, “Sondraia” Toscana IGT 2006 (about $40) view review

april 2011
Castello Monaci, “Liante” Salice Salentino 2008 (about $14) view review
Brigaldara, Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2006 (about $50) view review

february 2011
Banfi, ”Centine” Toscana 2007 (about $12) view review
Antonelli, Sagrantino di Montefalco, 2004 (about $45) view review

january 2011
Monte Degli Angeli, Monferrato Pinot Noir 2009 (about $9) view review
La Brancaia, “Il Blu” 2000 (about $70) view review

december 2010
La Cappuccina, “Arzimo” Recioto di Soave 2007 (about $22 for 500 ml bottle)view review
San Giusto a Rentennano, “Percarlo” Sangiovese di Toscana, 2003 (about $60)view review

november 2010
Azienda Agricola Villabella “Montemazzano” Rosso Veronese 2005 (about $15)view review
Librandi, “Gravello” Val di Neto Rosso IGT 2006 (about $34) view review

august 2010
Tenuta Oppida Aminea, "Caucino" Sannio Greco 2008 (about $19) view review
Argiano, "NC" Non Confunditur Rosso Toscano 2007 (about $25) view review

July 2010
Zenato, Lugana San Benedetto 2008 (about $14) view review
Tenuta Sette Ponti, "Crognolo" 2007 (about $35) view review

april 2010
Fattoria La Lecciaia, Toscana Sangiovese Montalcino 2005 (about $12) view review
Tenuta San Felice, “Vigorello” 2001 (about $30) view review

March 2010
Santa Lucia, “Vigna del Melograno” Castel del Monte Uva di Troia 2006 (about $16) view review
Azienda Agricola COS, Cerasuolo Di Vittoria 2007 (about $30) view review

february 2010
Michele Chiarlo, Moscato d’Asti “Nivole” 2008 (about $14 for half bottle) view review
Giovanni Allegrini, Recioto della Valpolicella Classico 2005 (about $58 for 500 ml bottle) view review

january 2010
Prunotto, Barbera d’Asti “Fiulot” 2007 (about $15) view review
Produttori del Barbaresco, Barbaresco DOCG 2005 (about $38) view review

december 09
Mionetto, Prosecco Brut NV (about $12) view review
Luigi Righetti, Amarone “Capitel de Roari” 2005 (about $40) view review

november 09
Franco Toros, Collio Pinot Bianco 2006 (about $15) view review
Luciano Sandrone, Barbera d’Alba 2006 (about $36) view review

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