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Better Tasting Wine
This website presents some basic but interesting and descriptive information designed to turn anyone into an “instant wine pro.” While there is no substitute for lots of practice actually tasting and drinking wine some background on wine varieties, pairing wines with food and wine tasting basics is necessary and always helpful.

Cellar Tours
The Cellar Tours group provides custom-designed food and wine tours of major wine regions throughout the world with Italy being one of their most popular destinations. Their tour guides are extremely knowledgeable about wines and will guide you through selected wineries and tastings and find those wonderful, small hard-to-find-on-your-own restaurants.

Consorzio Turistico Langhe Monferrato Roero
This site has about everything you need to know about wines, wine tours, lodging, food and travel in the lower areas of the Piedmont region where the vineyard landscapes were recently designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Delicious Italy  
Delicious Italy s.r.l. is a Rome-based company that provides travel-related information supplied by regional tourism organizations, hospitality providers and travel operators in Italy. The site provides a guide, albeit limited in scope, to the food, wine and culture of Italy.

Florence Wine Tasting
Florence Wine Tasting offers you the opportunity to taste great Italian wines in a typical enoteca (wine bar) accompanied by traditional Tuscan appetizers such as cheeses, simple plates and olive oil.

Gambero Rosso 
The English language version of Gambero Rosso's website is a work in progress. Nonetheless, it is still a good source of information on the activities of Gambero Rosso, the arbiter of good taste in Italian food and drink, its reviews of wines and restaurants, the Italian wine scene in general and its extensive list of publications.

Gambero Rosso's facebook page 
This is the English language version of Gambero Rosso's Facebook page. The postings are as much about food and other pleasures of the Italian life style as it is about wine but it still presents a good overview of what's happening currently in the Italian wine and dine scene.

History of Wine timeline
This site provides a brief review of the history of wine starting in Armenia in the 5th millennia BC and a general timeline for the subsequent spread of wine and wine culture around the world.

Italian Cultural Institute – Washington, D.C.
The Italian Cultural Institute (ICI)is an official branch of the Italian government dedicated to the promotion of Italian language and culture in the United States. This site lists events with an Italian theme in the Washington D.C. area, many of which are organized by the ICI, in addition to major cultural events in Italy.
Providing wine tours in Italy including Tuscany, Apulia, Veneto, Friuli, Sicily, Liguria, and Piedmont. Private, customized tours as well as open tours are available. The group offers an array of tour options including walking, biking, gourmet food, winery and opera tours, amoung others.

Italian wine central
This website has a handy and easily navigable review of Italian wines. This includes convenient information about the formal wine classificiation system as well as Italy’s wine regions, varietals, producers and the Italian wine scene.The website also has a complete wine search database for virtually any Italian wine – no small feat given Italy’s bountiful wine supply.

This website provides some helpful tips on how to plan for your trip to Italy. It also details how to get around once you arrive as well as recommendations for things to see and do in Italy. It has some interesting videos that are well worth viewing.

Italy Travel Tours
This travel website provides essential tips for both first-time and seasoned travelers to Italy augmented by some interesting travel videos. The company offers guided tours of places of historic and architectural interest in Tuscany, Rome, Bologna and elsewhere.

LaRosaWorks Tours of Sicily
La RosaWorks is a boutique company that specializes in tours to Sicily. The owner, Karen La Rosa, hosts fun and interesting tours that immerse travelers in the culture, wine, food, and traditions of Sicily. Guided wine tastings and winery visits are always part of La RosaWorks tours. Check out her website for details about tour offerings.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine 
The Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s website is easy to navigate and informative for not only Italian wines but wines from around the world. Click on the Podcasts tab and check for podcasts on specific wines, producers and regions.

Wine-Searcher is a website I have found extremely useful for tracking down prices and availability of specific wines produced anywhere in the world. Suppose you had a great wine at a restaurant one evening and want to check on its retail price and availability. All you do is enter the name of the wine in the search box at the Wine-Searcher website and the search engine instantly returns dozens, if not hundreds, of retailers carrying that wine ranked by prices. You can distill the search results to your specific interests. For example, if you want a specific vintage you can get availability and prices for only that specific vintage. You can also specify if you want retailers nationwide, by state or just in your local area. The basic service is free or you can sign-up for the “Premier” version which has some additional bells and whistles. Either way, it is the “go-to” site for anybody with any level of interest in wines.


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